Welcome to my blog…

I hope you enjoy your visit into the collection of thoughts and interests that roam around in my head...at least some of them. I will try to use the "categories" to help make your visit a bit more meaningful. Some of my posts will talk about my writing; how I write, what I write, and [...]

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Let’s Begin the New Year With Something Simple…

This isn't about books, or about writing, but something I think is far more important. You know those times when you say "They know I love them, I don't have to tell them"? Nah. Tell them anyway. Sometimes we all have days when even when we "know" something is true, it is really great to [...]

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Day 29 Making Your Characters Sick!

This is going to be a short post today, and one for the writers who may come across it. It will be short because, well, wait a minute, I have to blow my nose...Okay, I'm back. That's why. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with a scratchy throat threatening to [...]

Day 28 Towboat Captains and Other Interesting Characters

My post today isn't specifically about writing or books, about finding ideas, or about any of the other things I've blogged about so far. Today, I just want to write about a group of people I have always had such respect for, and explain how I was reminded again today just why I respect them [...]

Day 25 Some Ideas Make it Hard to Breathe

I was late for class, which as the instructor, is frowned upon. I was following a big, slow, truck, watching for a break in the traffic so I could get around. It gave me time to think about that big yellow thing the truck was carrying, and wonder just what the heck it was. I [...]

Day 24 The Day They Blew-Up Decatur!

Sometimes, the ideas just hit you right in the face. And then, they just stand there and keep punching. I walked out our front door last week and there it was. It looked like someone had just dropped "the big one" somewhere East of our house, and my guess it was Decatur, Illinois. My mind [...]

Day 23 Another Source for Great Story Ideas

I have another really cool (in my opinion) site to spark some story ideas. At first glance it might look like something just for the Sci-Fi writers, but if you give it a second thought I think you'll find as many other possibilities as I do. The site is subtitled "Ancient Earth Globe", and the [...]

Day 22 How to Create Really Villainous Villains…

I had a really fun conversation with another author this week during one of his upcoming podcasts (I'll say more about that when I know the release date). As we talked about my past and the years I spent as a pastor and counselor, he asked how I am able to create my nasty villains [...]

Day 21 Secrets for Writing Mystery Stories Part II

I want to begin by saying that I do not "eavesdrop". However, I do tend to "overhear" things now and then, which I credit to my years of being the counselor and "listener", working very hard to pay attention to what was said, and how it was said. On the positive side, I believe that [...]

Day 20 A Secret to Writing Good Mystery Stories (and learning, and creating change, and…)

First of all, allow me to take a moment to congratulate myself for making it to Day 20 in my self-imposed, 30 day, blog-post challenge. There, a brief pat on the back using one of the stretches my PT person taught me Monday morning. Ah, much better. Now, about writing good mystery stories. I've found [...]

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