I have another really cool (in my opinion) site to spark some story ideas. At first glance it might look like something just for the Sci-Fi writers, but if you give it a second thought I think you’ll find as many other possibilities as I do.

The site is subtitled “Ancient Earth Globe”, and the basic idea is that you enter your address, or any, set the number of years you want to go back, and the global map will show you where that location would have been back at that time…based on the VLT (very long term) movement of the earth’s land masses. I put in my address, set the date to 750 million years ago, and found that my little country farm home would have still been on land, fortunately, but I probably wouldn’t recognize any landmarks if I jumped in my truck to drive to town.

You can try it HERE, at dinosaurpictures.org.

I’ve tried other addresses and time periods, and each one has led to a list of “What if’s” that are the seeds for stories. I can also look forward to finding an opportunity to mention in some future family conversation just where we all would have lived back in the Cryogenian Period. If global climate change ends up going where it looks like it may be going, that may end up being very good information to know.

Check it out and let me know if you discover any “What if’s?”