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I hope you enjoy your visit into the collection of thoughts and interests that roam around in my head...at least some of them. I will try to use the "categories" to help make your visit a bit more meaningful. Some of my posts will talk about my writing; how I write, what I write, and [...]

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Day 27 The Story Idea That Haunts Me!

As I have researched ideas for stories, I have come across things that have concerned me. But, there is one story-seed I came across that just scared me, and continues to scare me today. Distraction, the story I wrote from the seed of this situation, is fiction. But, as I have blogged about it before, [...]

Day 20 A Secret to Writing Good Mystery Stories (and learning, and creating change, and…)

First of all, allow me to take a moment to congratulate myself for making it to Day 20 in my self-imposed, 30 day, blog-post challenge. There, a brief pat on the back using one of the stretches my PT person taught me Monday morning. Ah, much better. Now, about writing good mystery stories. I've found [...]

Day 19 Evil Characters

A quick note...if you need an example of an evil character, I recommend the person in charge of the TV here in the waiting room filled with people waiting for their colonoscopy. After what they’ve been through over the past 24 hours, and now seeing the TV showing commercials for Steak and Shake milkshakes on [...]

Day 16 The Power of Story.

I have always believed in the power of story. That's one of the reasons I've spent most of my life as a storyteller and now story-writer. I've been thinking more about that over the past few weeks as I have talked with friends about the holidays they are celebrating based on their faith stories. I [...]

Day 15 More ideas…and all FREE!

I stumbled across another example of where the ideas come from for the stories I create, so I thought I would write a "Part 2" to yesterday's post answering that question asked by folks who still believe there is some super-secret source writers use. I'll just add that I read this morning that when Theodore [...]

Day 14 Where do the ideas come from?

I often get that question about where the ideas come from for the things I write. Well, I've got a great example of how it works right now! I am not responding to a question in this post, but want to share something I stumbled across today that I plan to spend a lot more [...]

Day 13 Your favorite quote?

Question: What is your favorite quote? "I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult." - E. B. White A short one for today. Hey, it's almost Friday. How are you going to change the world this weekend?

How Do You Write: Update!

It has been far too long since I've posted here. I have been spending my time following Emily Graham around as she tackles her latest adventure, Disbelief,  coming later this Spring. As I've worked on this third book in the series, I realized that I ought to add something to my last post about how [...]

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