Welcome to Jamison Books!

John Jamison is a storyteller who writes in several genres. To help his readers know exactly what they are getting, John writes his suspense/thrillers as J. B. Jamison, his non-fiction as John B. Jamison, and his young reader books as Pops Jamison (a decision of his two grand-kids).

But the core of it all is John’s imagination, which we offer a glimpse of here on Jamison Books.

John’s Bio

John Jamison is a life-long believer in the power of stories. First as a pastor, then educator, then creator of Centers for Innovation at multiple universities, Director of a national Game and Simulation academic degree program, a consultant for e-learning and brand development, stories have played a central role in his work and have remained a passion throughout his life.

John earned his PhD conducting research on the impact of story and game in developing more effective learning and training, which led to his development of TranceFormational Learning, a story and game-centric approach to instructional design. He has used TL to design highly engaging learning activities for businesses, universities, and for his own classes he teaches in Adult Education at a local Community College. He has published several books, instructional materials, and a dozen educational games for elementary Language Arts. John has presented keynotes and workshops for numerous conferences in education and business, and is currently applying TL principles to helping businesses create “WOW” level branding using the power of story.

John grew-up in a small river-town in Illinois, and describes his childhood as “Tom Sawyer-ish with a blend of Wizard of Oz.” John draws upon his uniquely diverse life story as he now focuses more time on his writing of novels and stories for young readers.

Most importantly, John is the proud grandpa of Benjamin William and Emily Grace, the future rulers of the real and virtual universes.